Friday, April 23, 2010

I can't afford it!

It's not about "I can't afford it", it's all about "How could I afford it"

What these words tell you? It tells you to think positively. Yes, I've heard a lot negative feedback from people when I told to think positive.

"Should I think positive and let others do whatever they want to me?"

"Being optimistic? ridiculous"

"What will I get? Nothing!"

"Yea.. yea.. whatever..."

"It's bad and will always remain bad.. full stop"

bla bla bla... Why is that? Because there are negative thinker.. And what did they get? Negative results..

Being positive is not about saying "yes" to everything.. That's stupid.. It's about being calm, clear the mind and try to see any good possibility and opportunities in front of you in any situation.

I keep this words with me "Positivity will bring positive things, while negativity will only bring negative things"..

Lets discuss about the first paragraph I wrote at top..

Well actually its about motivation..

Lets me categorized it for you..

"I can't afford it" -> Negativity = give negative result.. (Is this what you want?)

"How could I afford it" -> Positivity = give positive result.. (Or this is what you want?)

Lets dig deeper.. "I can't afford it".. What will this do to you? Whenever you think it that way it will automatically shutdown your brain.. Nah I can't afford, just forget it.. But deep inside you want it.. You closed the door of your inner energy.. The energy you can generate from your desire.. You will do nothing and you will get nothing.. White flag!!

Otherwise "How could I afford it".. When you think this way.. Your brain will be active and in ready mode.. Your deep inside desire comes out dramatically because you trust you can get what you want.. It's just a matter how.. Combine together the active brain and your strong desire and you will get a very strong energy that can help you get what you want.. You start to ACT.. Suddenly out of somewhere many many idea comes to you.. If you keep the energy level, the things will come to you..

Trust me.. I'm not tell you tales of maniac people.. I tell you the real story, the real life, the real you, the real universe.. And it's up to you to believe it or not.. But I dare you to try it =)

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